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Because some people were wondering:

No, not using LJ anymore. I'm currently at: http://herbstsonne.blogspot.com

Kelly and I have started a vegan blog at http://sistersvegan.blogspot.com

Come by and say hey. :)


And I really liked this layout, too...

Well what with the recent news from 6Apart/SUP/the Russkies, I think I'm going to be switching over to blogspot. I'll still read my friends page obviously and y'all can RSS the new space.


See you around.

Yay christmas!

I love Christmas. And Christmas LJ layouts. And participating in a vegan bakeswap (I am sending banana bread, thin chocolate chip cookies, and scones!) and a vegan giftie exchange. And Christmas cookies. Oh I can't wait to bake cupcakes for Charles' party and make cookies for people and dance in the kitchen and then go home for a WHOLE MONTH!!! and bring Johnny-poo with me for the first week!

La la la la la la la la. Running errands today, selling some old clothes (hopefully if fucking Buffalo Exchange deems them worthy), selling some old manga and some textbooks, and buying some christmas lights. Yay! Oh and working on final papers, boo.

Also: hippies are mean-spirited. How does that work?

Vegan month 4 (no meat month 7)

It's still fantastic.

I had totally forgotten on the 26th due to projects and presentations.

Anyway it's amazing and I'm just as happy with my health/just as pissed about the constant abuse of animals and the ignorance about animal rights.

So, business as usual.

Happy food things: Sunday John (who is officially moved in with me) and I are making banana-walnut pancakes, then next week I am making Erica some baked goods (have not decided yet) for her birthday as well as vegan pumpkin doggie treats for her new pal Cedar (who is an adorable black lab), and then I am making chocolate peppermint cupcakes with mint icing and chocolate ganache and candy cane pieces on top for a friend's Chrismakauh party. Grand!

Now back to studying for my geology test tomorrow. :/ And wrapping John's christmas present!


Newsflash: I hate my job.
Peter Young is an American animal rights activist and former political prisoner jailed for two years for his role in releasing and conspiracy to release thousands of mink from fur farms in the midwest. He was released earlier this year and has been speaking at numerous events around the country. He will be speaking about his experiences, going underground for 7 years, being jailed for freeing animals, and on animal rights.

There will also be a presentation of "Behind the Mask," a documentary about the Animal Liberation Front, and a free vegan dinner will be provided by Food Not Bombs!

Admission is free! Please invite friends and community members!

Where: PLC 180, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 97403
When: Dec 6th @ 6pm
Why: Peter Young is an amazing speaker. With the government broadening the definition of what an 'ecoterrorist' is, it's important that we realize who can be targeted by such legislation. Hell, I could technically be considered a threat because I endorse 'radical social change' and 'support animal rights.'

Please invite anyone you think might be interested to this event! Talk, movie + free food = <3!!!


28 hours, and I'll be done with this shite anthropology project that's had me stressed out for weeks. 6 hours, and I'll be done with my stupid pilates presentation (I know, wtf, right).

*looks at her pile of work and weeps*

And thus begins Hell Week

3 presentations, 1 paper, 1 test, on top of normal homework.

Please excuse me while I weep and gibber uncontrollably.

Don't Eat Turkey Day (ie, tomorrow)

Here's how to help the hungry: quit selling dead bird carcasses that come from factory farms. No, free range is not better. No, organic is not better. Waaaah, but then I have to eat fermented bean curd. It tastes better and is more environmentally friendly, as well as healthier, cheaper, more compassionate and doesn't take 2-4 days to thaw or monopolize the oven. Quit eating dead bird. Make demand go down. Use the tons and tons of grain fed to livestock and birds to feed hungry people, or use that land to grow vegetables and legumes. Read about turkeys and learn about how smart they are. Read this Bill Maher article about the horrific turkey slaughterhouses and watch this PETA investigation of the Butterball turkey slaughterhouse: workers stomped to death, punched, and even sexually assaulted the birds. This is what you are paying for and eating. This Butterball factory apparently slaughters 50,000 such birds a DAY.

Here's how to have a happy thanksgiving: don't make anything die for you, just because you think it tastes good. Because that's the only reason anyone eats meat. You don't need it. It's not necessary. It's for people's tastebuds.

Thanksgiving should be about spending time with people who make you happy and being thankful for the good things in life, not killing and eating a large bird. Me, I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my Johnny-poo, organic satsuma oranges, Yumm sauce, the bus system, Kelly Comics, and fuzzy socks.

Oh, and the fact that I've been vegan for nearly 5 months (and not had any meat in 7), and that I will continue to lead an animal-friendly life and encourage others to do so as well.

Happy Don't Eat Turkey Day, everyone.